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Delivering smart in-store signage to Airport retailers

15% of the global population travel internationally every year.  This is a key market for retailers, with tourist figures set to rise in 2015.  Verdict Retail predicts that sales at airports are expected to grow by 73% from 2013 to 2019. Travellers often have more time to browse and experiment with products whilst waiting for flights and are therefore a captive audience.

Airport retailing is evolving to attract the modern day shopper and offers a chance for brands and retailers to try new store formats and technologies to gain access to new a new customer base.  Our NetTickIT solution is scalable across different format stores and enables retailers to implement dynamic promotions to respond to market dynamics.

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Sales uplift
Smart signage can increase sales uplift by 30% linking messages across all types of digital media
Increased brand awareness
Airport shoppers have more time to browse and therefore effective, relevant product information and signage at the shelf edge can attract new customers and increase awareness and loyalty
Dynamic promotion control
Implement in-store promotions within minutes and tailor offers to suit different cultures and languages. Promotions can be deployed responsively if a flight has been delayed or cancelled so that retailers can use this to their competitive advantage and entice a new wave of shoppers.

Ensure up to date pricing and product information to remain compliant
Powering omnichannel strategy
Product and marketing messages can be tailored and sent across all digital channels to capture customers and can be reactive to changing conditions within the airport arena
Real-time retail
Pricing and promotions are controlled at Head Office but actioned by associates in-store