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Driving sales uplift for Automotive retailers

The Automotive retail sector is evolving and modern day customers are demanding a more innovative and personalised shopping experience.  Agility and consistency of brand and marketing messages is key across all digital and showroom channels.  Customers want simple access to feature & benefits, pricing and bundle information displayed in a clear and compelling way.

Pierhouse understands these challenges and our smart signage solutions can support brand building, product experiences and compliment parts and servicing departments within the showroom arena.

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Streamlined processes at each dealership
Our solutions link with existing legacy systems to streamline the PoS process for each showroom, linking all digital channels and media so that customers receive an engaging atmosphere with multiple customer touch points
Turning Big Data into showroom action
Our solution allows dynamic pricing and rapid execution of PoS campaigns so that retailers can action big data insight quickly to drives sales
Detailed product information
Different text, currencies, languages and images can be included to give customers greater brand awareness and personalisation, helping to drive sales uplift

Customer reviews incorporated
Customer reviews can be incorporated to help drive sales conversions
Links with digital media
NetTickIT can interface with all types of digital media so that all brand and marketing messages are consistent. This works with handheld devices and kiosks which supports customers booking testdrives and other services via showroom devices
Saved labour hours
Smart in-store signage provides customers with essential knowledge at the point of sale enabling store associates time to build customer relationships