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Engaging with customers in-store

The in-store experience is changing and retailers need to personalise customer interactions. Beacon technology is essentially in-store GPS which allows for personalised, micro-location –based notifications and alerts. The hardware is cost effective and low maintenance and the accurate location identifier helps to steer customers to specific aisles, leading to sales uplift.  They do not require customers to take action themselves, as the information comes directly to them and once customers engage with the information then retailers can identify individual customers which is great for data collection purposes.

With 60 million Beacon units expected to be introduced by 2019 this is an area where retailers can transform customer interactions and personalisation opportunities.

Speak to us to find out how Beacons can enhance your retail strategy.

Enhancing CX in-store

In a recent AT Kearney survey 85% of consumers said that they would prefer a personalised in-store experience. Using in-store technology to capture customer attention is vital in driving profits and converting sales at the shelf edge.  Retailers can gain competitive advantage through an in depth understanding of the customer base and turning this insight into in-store action to drive sales uplift and build loyalty to shoppers to keep coming back.