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Retail analytics

Big data is dominating the retail agenda with 62% of retail executives expecting to see relevant investment in data analysis to support strategy. The world of big data enables retailers access to real-time trends in marketing performance, inventory analysis, customer and sales data to aid the decision making process.  While big data has been shown to aid multi channel sales, many retailers feel that they are not realising ROI as they are not able to action and interpret the findings and turn use it to drive sales and improve business performance.


SOURCE: The Economist Intelligence Unit: The data storm: Retail and the big data revolution

Turning insights into store action

Smart in-store signage management provides the mechanism to turn these insights into in-store action. Promotions can be executed within 2 hours and prices updated dynamically. In-store marketing messages can be tailored across all paper and digital media channels to offer enticing, personalised messages to customers, reacting to real time market conditions, whilst also inspiring brand and customer loyalty.

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