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Smart in-store signage for Bookmakers

This market is highly competitive and delivering dynamic odds and betting information is vital for winning market share.  Customers want a consistent mobile, digital and in-store experience with up to the minute data.

We understand these market drivers and our NetTickIT software will enable you to print accurate coupons in real-time at each shop, saving money and driving profitability.  Our platform offers flexibility, simple integration and requires no additional staff training.

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Sales uplift
Having access to the very latest coupons will entice your customers to place their bets in your shops
Powers omnichannel
Ensure that in-store coupons and digital screens can keep up with mobile and digital messages to provide a unified customer experience
Dynamic pricing
Print up to the minute coupons in store to react to market changes to keep ahead of the competition

Saved labour hours
Coupon changes can be controlled at head office and sent to print .  Staff simply need to collect from the printer with no additional training needed
Localised odds
Only relevant localised content will be printed in each store, saving printing and logistic costs.
Links with digital media
NetTickIT can interface with all types of digital media so that all brand and marketing messages are consistent

Real-time retail
Using real-time retail can increase sales productivity by 17% (source: Gartner).  Accurate, dynamic odds offer customers the best in shop experience, increasing revenues
On demand printing
No need for time delays and expensive logistics as relevant up to date coupons are printed directly in-store
Ensure total compliance across all betting coupons