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Smart in-store signage for Electrical Goods retail

The market for consumer goods and electricals is highly competitive and retailers are having to adapt their store offerings to be more competitive and relevant to the modern day customer base.  Customers want consistent messages across mobile, online and in-store with compelling offers available.  Retailers need to be agile to react to market changes bringing real time retail to their customer base.

We understand these market drivers and can help you to maximise your in-store signage to stay innovative and capitalise on all sale opportunities.  Our NetTickIT platform offers flexibility; simple integration and enables retailers to implement promotions and in-store signage quickly and accurately across their store base.

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Tailor your messages to customers incorporating customer reviews at the shelf edge
Powers omnichannel
Our solutions enable retailers to present consistent product, price and brand messages across all in-store paper and digital media channels
Dynamic pricing
In-store promotions can be up and running within minutes, keeping you ahead of competitors

Saved labour hours
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty
Multiple languages & currencies
Our NetTickIT solution supports multiple languages and currencies enabling scalability across different geographic regions
Easy integration
NetTickIT can be seamlessly integrated with existing legacy systems without the need for expensive IT investment. Big data insight can be turned into in-store action for enhanced competitive positioning