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Smart in-store signage for Entertainment retailers

The entertainment retail market is a fast moving environment, covering music, video and games.  This is a competitive arena and presents challenges to retailers in terms of bringing together both digital and physical product offerings.  We understand the market dynamics and our solutions deliver high quality ticketing across all paper and digital channels in order to drive sales uplift.  Speak to us today for more information.

Help customers to find what they are looking for with detailed product descriptions, images, customer reviews and effective promotions controlled at head office but implemented in-store
Saved labour hours
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty. Staff also have the option to print additional or replacement tickets, so that shoppers continue to enjoy the best in-store experience
Dynamic pricing
In-store promotions can be up and running within minutes, keeping you ahead of competitors and greater flexibility of pricing perishable products

Multi stores, multi currency & multi language
Our NetTickIT software supports multi site retailers operating across geographies and supports different currency and language options, delivering ROI across the store portfolio
Sales uplift
High quality signage with detailed product information can increase sales lift and increase impulse buys
Links with digital media
NetTickIT can interface with all types of digital media so that all brand and marketing messages are consistent.