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Smart in-store signage for Fine Food retailers

Demand for fine foods is on the increase.  Customers are now much more selective and want a wide range of choice from across the world. Customers need compelling reasons to pay higher prices for premium foods and therefore in-store signage needs to offer high quality visuals and detailed information showing traceability and provenance.

Pierhouse can help you to deliver premium signage in-store.  Colour images, recipe suggestions, complimentary products and other details can be added to tickets to create high impact signage, attracting shoppers to spend more in-store. Talk to us today to find out how.

Sales uplift
High quality signage with detailed product information can increase sales lift and drive impulse purchases
Recipe ideas and other personalised messages can be included to drive conversion rates at the shelf edge
Dynamic pricing
In-store promotions can be rolled out within minutes enabling pricing for perishable items to be adjusted in real-time

Ensure full price and promotional compliance in-store
Improved store efficiency
Tickets are printed in walk through order and only those that are specific to the store are released
Increased brand awareness
Airport shoppers have more time to browse and therefore effective, relevant product information and signage at the shelf edge can attract new customers and increase awareness and loyalty