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Fueling in-store sales uplift for Forecourt retailers

Forecourt retailing presents many challenges bringing together the different elements of retail, hospitality and forecourt services.  Customers want clear in-store signage to guide them to what they need quickly and efficiently. Retailers want streamlined processes and consistency across sites allowing staff more time to focus on serving customers.

Pierhouse understands this environment and can deliver smart in-store signage to drive sales uplift whilst also saving labour hours and enabling staff to focus on customer service.  Our NetTickIT solution enables flexibility, and agility so that promotions and signage can be out in the store within minutes.

Speak to us for more information of how NetTickIT can help your business.

Smart signage across all departments
Our solution can provide ticketing options to support both retail and hospitality concessions, providing customers a unified experience and personalisation
Powers omnichannel
Our solution enables retailers to turn insight into in-store action delivering consistent customer messages across all digital channels
Real-time retail
Help customers to find what they are looking for with detailed product descriptions, images and effective promotions controlled at head office but implemented in-store. Promotions and prices can be up and running within minutes as opposed to days & Retailers can be flexible with pricing on short shelf-life products

Saved labour hours
Signage can be printed in-store in walk through order ensuring that only relevant tickets are printed. This saves staff vital time enabling them to focus on serving customers and driving loyalty whilst also reducing the amount of paper waste
On demand printing
Store associates can print the exact number of signs needed by store size and can also print any replacement tickets required. This ensures that promotions are fully communicated driving sales uplift in-store
Seamless integration
Our NetTickIT solution provides seamless integration with existing legacy systems without the need for expensive IT development. It can link to other systems to enable big data insight to be turned into in-store action

Ensure price and product compliance in-store
Links with digital media
NetTickIT can interface with all types of digital media so that all brand and marketing messages are consistent.
Multi currency & multi language
NetTickIT offers scalability across geographies delivering ROI across the whole store network. All tickets can be tailored by currency and language whilst printed locally in-store