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In-store printing cuts costs and increases flexibility

Harveys operates 150 furniture stores and has a strong value for money proposition so it’s vital for them to manage all their costs.

The challenge

The process for producing and distributing offers, product information and price tickets was slow and errors were costing them money. Harveys wanted to increase efficency and reduce the costs of tickets.

Harveys were using an external supplier to manually create the artwork for all of its tickets and offers. They then printed a complete set of all the POS and sent it to all of the 150 Harveys stores. For each promotion the stores were receiving identical packs of tickets and POS irrespective of the size of store or types of display they had. Staff in each store had to spend time going through all of the tickets to work out which tickets were appropriate for their particular store. Harveys estimated that around 30% of all ticket packs were wasted. The whole process was manual and time-consuming resulting in frequent errors.

The solution

The solution was NetTickIT from Pierhouse. NetTickIT automated artwork, cutting production time from days to minutes. Head office staff could make decisions on price and offers and have them in stores within hours. NetTickIT’s automated artwork feature also had the benefit of ensuring that all POS was on brand and legally compliant. NetTickIT also enabled Harveys to print all POS in-store which eliminated distribution time and reduced costs. NetTickIT ensures that each store can only see what’s relevant to them and they can easily print replacements for lost ticket knowing that they always have the most up to date version of every piece of POS.

The benefits

– Reduced cost of ticket production and distribution
– Increased efficiency
– Reduced labour costs
– Increased automation and dramatically reduced errors
– Increased flexibility to react quickly to local or market changes

Fast implementation

NetTickIT uses the existing spreadsheet formats for all the product menu item details and associated price points so implementation was very easy. So easy that NetTickIT was introduced and rolled out overnight to all stores. The solution allows all stores to access any released Head Office event and to select additional POS, build a print queue and print a range of ticket formats including menu lists of product families. NetTickIT automates the artwork, enables proofing centrally and manages releases to store on a date effective basis. Harveys also now have the ability to vary the price of products by store.

As NetTickIT is browser based there is no requirement for any store based servers. This means that any store simply logs in to receive only the offers and tickets that they need.

“Having run the NetTickIT® system for some time now, it is evident that our new ticketing system has lived up to all our expectations.”

Marketing Manager, Harveys

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Company profile

Headquarters:Cheltenham, UK
Industry: Furniture
Number of stores:150
Annual Revenue:£470 Million
Website:Click here


  • To improve accuracy of product and price tickets, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


  • Harveys implemented NetTickIT to automate the ticketing and artworking process. This enables greater flexibility by store, ensures compliance and improves efficiency whilst eliminating errors and print wastage.