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Smart in-store signage for Homeware retailers

The homewares market continues to challenge retailers with customers demanding greater choice and quality, better value and enhanced customer service.  Retailers need to adopt flexible and adaptable approaches in order to offer competitive differentiation.

Pierhouse recognises these problems and helps retailers to deliver smart in-store signage to drive sales uplift and enhance the in-store customer experience.  Our NetTickIT platform streamlines price and promotional processes; ensures compliance and saves labour hours in-store.

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Tailor your messages to customers incorporating customer reviews at the shelf edge
Saved labour hours
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty
Dynamic promotions
Help customers to find what they are looking for with detailed product descriptions, images and effective promotions controlled at head office but implemented in-store

Ensure price and product compliance in-store
Sales uplift
High quality signage with detailed product information can increase sales lift and increase impulse buys
Flexible by store format
Stores only receive signage relevant to format size saving labour time and print wastage