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Easy to Run Trials

Retailers want to implement things fast but also ensure they are making the best technology decisions. As a result setting up trials of new technologies is becoming the normal way to evaluate and decide which technologies to invest in and roll out across the whole estate. The key issue is being able to set up trials easily and fast.

We Help You Get Trials Running Quickly

We’ve invested in simplifying our software and implementation processes so that we can implement bounded trials easily and quickly. If a retailer subsequently decides to roll out a NetTickIT solution across all their stores they can do so using exactly the same software. This makes implementation much more straightforward. The software can still grow with the retailer to enhance and add more data sources or add additional output devices. We ensure products from vendors of handheld terminals, printers, digital screens, electronic shelf edge labels and other devices work smoothly with NetTickIT as well as continually improving our own products and capabilities.

What’s Next?

The challenge that retailers are currently faced with is how to grow profitability. This has led to retailers talking to us about tickets that sell more products at the shelf edge with strong reasons to buy along with new features such as customer reviews. A Deloitte survey claims that nearly 75% of shoppers rely on reviews to help them make product choices.

We are also being asked to help some retailers who have the more fundamental problem of managing and organising data to make their processes run more effectively and with increased compliance. We are working on trials using electronic shelf edge labels with complementary paper price tickets and digital screens in defined category segments within retail stores and with managed print service companies.

Pierhouse is always researching new technologies and process improvements that will help retailers improve how they work and increase profitability.

Pierhouse love retail and we share what we learn with customers.

If you are planning a trial that involves any form of promotional signage management in your stores please contact us.