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Serving Liquor retailers

The global alcoholic drinks industry is estimated to be worth $1 trillion, offering great retail opportunities. Our NetTickIT solution supports liquor retailing, providing smart in-store signage to meet compliance and regulation requirements as well as creating sales uplift and improved operational inefficiencies.

Our tickets can incorporate detailed product information, images and product reviews to capture shopper attention at the vital point of purchase.

Speak to us to find out how we can help you deliver effective in-store signage.

Sales uplift
High quality signage with detailed product information can increase sales lift and increase impulse buys
Ensure price & promotional compliance requirements are met in-store
Dynamic pricing
Implement in-store promotions within minutes and tailor offers to suit your customer base

Flexible signage by pack size
Our NetTickIT solution can be tailored to support multiple pack sizes, helping to create sales uplift in-store
Product descriptions can be enhanced with customer reviews, tasting notes, QR codes and colour images to increase customer engagement and sales uplift
Improved store efficiency
Tickets are printed in walk through order and only those that are specific to the store are released