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Delivering premium in-store signage to Luxury retailers

The luxury retail market is a challenging arena with high levels of competition.  It is a cyclical market which is also the most susceptible to global economic trends.  In addition the modern day shopper is more demanding than ever accessing retailers through multiple channels on their own terms. Pierhouse understands these challenges and can provide high quality in-store signage across all paper and digital channels to drive sales uplift and reinforce brand loyalty.

NetTickIT helps to deliver omnichannel strategy and can turn big data insight into in-store action.

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Customer personalisation
Tailor your in-store signage messages to ensure you connect with your customers in-store providing simplicity, quality and personalisation
Powers omnichannel & Big Data
Pierhouse can support your omnichannel strategy to deliver consistent in-store marketing messages across all paper and digital channels. Our flexible software enables store associates to turn big data insights into in-store action in order to drive sales uplift and react to market conditions dynamically
Dynamic promotions
Help customers to find what they are looking for with high quality tickets delivering detailed product descriptions, images and effective promotions

Ensure price and product compliance in-store
Saved labour hours
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty and delivering service excellence. Tickets reflect exact product range and store format so that only the relevant tickets are available, avoiding print waste and saving labour time
Multi currency & multi language
NetTickIT offers scalability across geographies delivering ROI across the whole store network. All tickets can be tailored by currency and language whilst printed locally in-store