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Smart product information management

NetTickIT OnePoint is a product information management system designed to meet the specific needs of retail. It pulls together appropriate information from many different sources including: merchandising systems, planograms, campaign management systems, price optimisation software, dynamic pricing modules, suppliers and product information, digital content services and product images. It stores information that other systems cannot hold and helps retailers implement an omnichannel environment in stores and beyond. NetTickIT OnePoint organises appropriate information such as prices, promotions, QR codes and store applicability to create content for publishing by NetTickIT Publisher.

Store profiling

The store profiling module is one example of meeting the different needs of retail. Stores vary by size and layout across retail estates and so does their POS and signage needs. Many retailers have a real challenge trying to ensure that stores only receive the POS and signage each specific store needs. As a result a lot of extra cost is incurred.

NetTickIT OnePoint holds planogram and other information about every store and it can automatically calculate how much signage of each type and size is needed for each campaign. This information could be sent directly to external print companies or in-store printers as required.  This same functionality can also be used to model campaign ideas and test costs against “what if” ideas. For some retailers the store profiling module alone will justify installing NetTickIT OnePoint.