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Bringing smart in-store signage to Pop up retail

Pop up retail is a fast growing area which offers great opportunity.  Pierhouse provides smart in-store signage, delivering high quality and professional tickets to support your strategy.

Our NetTickIT solution offers flexibility, seamless integration with existing systems, dynamic price updates and promotions, helping retailers to set up in-store signage extremely quickly to maximise sales uplift and influence the customer buying journey.

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Sales uplift
High quality signage with detailed product information can increase sales lift and increase impulse buys
Tailor your messages to customers incorporating customer reviews at the shelf edge
Dynamic promotions
Help customers to find what they are looking for with detailed product descriptions, images and effective promotions. Marketing promotions can be at the shelf edge within two hours of planning a campaign

Professional signage
Store associates can print off all relevant tickets in-store so that product and price information is available to customers as quickly as possible, delivering a great shopping experience
Saved labour hours
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty”
Ensure price and product compliance in-store