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Send to printers or any digital

NetTickIT Publisher automatically renders appropriate artwork for in-store printing, central printing or output to any device that can be connected to NetTickIT. This includes mobile phones, electronic shelf labels (ESL’s), handheld devices like Zebra, digital screens and social media whilst ensuring that all messages are consistent and on brand.

Accepts data from many sources

NetTickIT Publisher imports and processes content from ERP and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems, managed print services solutions, spreadsheets, NetTickIT OnePoint and many other third party systems. Content can include product descriptions, prices, bar codes, pictures, ingredients, country of origin, QR codes, marketing messages and brand standards.

Eliminate version control issues

A key benefit of NetTickIT Publisher is that any data set can be updated at any time so the information held in NetTickIT is always the most accurate and not restricted by the limitations of daily batch updates.  Staff in stores can be automatically notified when they have to print new tickets or they can print replacement or emergency tickets themselves at any time. The simple in-store user interface means that no staff training is needed to use any feature of NetTickIT Publisher. The most up to date tickets are available to all stores at all times.