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Smart in-store signage for Toy retailers

The global toy market is predicted to reach $100bn by the end of 2015.  Euromonitor projects a 2.7 percent compounded annual growth rate from 2014 to 2019.  Construction toys and toys-to-life product lines are the hottest in the traditional toys category, whilst the video games sector has experienced phenomenal growth.

It is a highly innovative sector, with many new product launches per year and a sector that is impacted by seasonality of products.  The market is evolving to meet the new generation customer base where showrooming and product interaction is becoming increasingly important. Communication, mobile and computer technology has impacted customer buying behaviour and the way customers are looking to interact and try new products.

Pierhouse understands these challenges and can help retailers to drive sales lift and implement in-store marketing programmes quickly.  Speak to us today for more information.

Sales uplift
High quality signage with detailed product information can increase sales lift and increase impulse buys
Tailor your messages to customers incorporating customer reviews at the shelf edge
Dynamic in-store promotions
Help customers to find what they are looking for with detailed product descriptions, images and effective promotions controlled at head office but implemented in-store

Compliance control
Ensure price and product compliance in-store
Saved labour hours
Our solutions simplify in-store processes enabling store associates more time to spend with customers, increasing customer loyalty
Creating an innovative store environment
NetTickIT enables toy retailers to set up display and demonstration areas with supporting PoS and price tickets at the click of button